COVID19 Info

COVID-19 Clinic Information and Protocols

On advice from our professional organisation and in line with Government advice on leaving home for health-related appointments, Leicester Forest East Physiotherapy Clinic is able to schedule face to face physiotherapy appointments for any injury or condition that is causing pain and/or limiting movement and function. To request an appointment please leave a message on the clinic answerphone (0116 2393009) or email using the contact form on this website.

Our clinic protocols remain slightly changed in line with recommendations regarding infection control and reducing the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

  • After making an appointment for a first Clinic visit, further information and consent forms will be emailed to you for your perusal prior to your attendance. Consent forms may be signed at your first attendance. 
  • 40 minutes are given per client for a face to face consultation, to allow for the treatment area to be disinfected between clients, and to minimise direct physical contact between clients as appointments cross over. Treatment time remains 30-35 minutes.
  • Payment will ideally be taken via “Contactless” card, or through cleared bank transfer prior to the appointment. (Account details provided as required)
  • Items of protective personal equipment are expected to be worn by the physiotherapists and clinic staff, and the client is kindly requested to continue to wear a facemask when attending the clinic (unless you are exempt).
  • All usual treatment modalities are now fully available.

We are hopefully moving away from the serious threats of this pandemic, and we are happy to now be able to offer our full list of clinic services. However, we trust that you will understand that in future there may still be some limitations to services that we can provide, dependent on Government instruction.

Attending Your Physiotherapy Appointment

Please take note of and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • To minimise direct contact with other clinic attendees, please do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. If possible please stay in your vehicle until your appointment time. Leave accessories in your vehicle (for example handbags) but do bring your own shorts or other change of clothing that may be required to facilitate your treatment. On entering the clinic please ensure that you are wearing a protective face mask (unless you are exempt), and apply hand sanitizer. You may be asked to wait slightly away from the treatment area. No other family members or escorts will be allowed into the clinic unless absolutely necessary.
  • Your physiotherapist will have prepared for your visit by disinfecting the treatment area, in particular the surfaces which you may come into contact with, for example the treatment couch, chairs and tables. They will be wearing items of personal protective equipment, for example a face mask, apron, gloves and eye protection. We are now able to offer our full selection of therapy modalities. These include “hands on” treatments, for example massage and joint manipulation techniques, electrotherapy, acupuncture and rehabilitation exercises. The Pilates studio is now also fully operational.
  • Payment will be taken preferably by “contactless” card transaction, or by a cleared bank transfer prior to the appointment. Bank details will be provided as necessary.
  • When ready to leave following your treatment, your physiotherapist may escort you from the premises. Please reapply hand sanitiser on exiting the premises.
  • Please be ALERT for the signs and symptoms of the COVID-19 virus and reschedule your appointment if:

    1. You or any members of your household are experiencing, or have experienced in the last 7 days any of the following signs and symptoms of the COVID-19 virus:

    – New and persistent dry cough or significant worsening of a chronic cough.
    – Raised body temperature in excess of 38.5 degrees C.
    – Acute loss of smell and/or taste.
    – Significant increase in perceived levels of fatigue.

    2. You have produced a positive lateral flow or PCR test within 48 hours of your appointment.