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Circumventing the ‘mid-life crisis’


So here I am, yet another MAMIL (middle-aged-man-in-lycra, for the uninitiated) attempting to stave off the dreaded “mid-life crisis”. Whilst I think I've overcome my yearning for a VW camper van (admittedly I've just noticed a really nice blue one 'For sale' around the corner from the clinic), and I am yet to make time to learn to play the saxophone (the very saxophone I bought on impulse a few years ago, which is currently sitting unplayed in the attic....) I’ve decided to embrace a burning desire to prove I still have the physical abilitiy of '17-year-old Tony'. What better way to do that, I thought, than to sign up for a 145 mile cycling challenge over two days. Oh yes, and to blog about it. Nothing like a little scrutiny (and potential public ridicule) to keep one on track.  


So I’m all signed up for the Prostate Cancer UK Football to Amsterdam 2017 charity cycle ride. Starting in Barnsely, Yorkshire, I will cycle to Amsterdam in two days, from 9th-10th June. Importantly the ride allows me the opportunity to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK, a leading charity funding the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of prostate cancer, as well as offering support to sufferers. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, and around 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lives. 


The Blog


So what exactly will my blog contain? After careful consideration (pondered mostly during ‘walkies’ duties with fellow cake lover Toffee the dog) I devised a plan which neatly combines my newly-stoked enthusiasm for cycling with all things cake-related. Namely an ‘exploration’ of cake selling venues incorporated into my cycling training, over the coming months. Watch out for my discerning appraisal of aforementioned cakes using my unique cupcake rating system (patent not pending). If you’re lucky, I may even blog secret cake recipes (if I can get the vendors to part with them that is). Incorporating my day job as a physiotherapist into the blog will come in handy too. So watch this space for cycling related physio advice - for example 'useful cycling stretches', advice on 'getting ready for a big ride', potential 'cycling related injuries', as well as useful contacts and links. All this alongside my own experiences of training for the big bike ride in June. 


Goal No. 1: Hit my fighting weight         

Having long since surpassed my fighting fit weight for such athleticism - thanks in no small part to my appreciation of cake, cake and erm well, more cake - I currently weigh in at 202lbs. Whilst this puts me in the Rocky Balboa category (of first fight with Clubber Lang in Rocky 3 fame), I feel, disappointingly, more akin to Rocky Road than Rocky Balboa. Goal numero uno therefore is to reach 190Ibs (notably the fighting weight for the second Clubber Lang fight scene). Blogging will be a useful motivating factor to help me stay on track. My first training ride is planned for half-term. Now to locate those bike clips of mine……


Get involved


Why not get involved with the fun and recommend a cake shop, café or restaurant to incorporate into my training plan? Tweet me at @TonyLFEPhysio using the hashtags #CakeMyRideBlog #FootballtoAmsterdam2017 and #ProstateCancerUk, message the clinic via Facebook @TonyLFEPhysio (don't forget to 'Like' the cllinic while you're there!), or email Leicester Forest East Physiotherapy Clinic. Also, send in your favourite cake recipes, and these will feature in future blogs (with a bit of luck, staff at the physio clinic will bake them for tasting!). Regular blog followers may also be rewarded with special offers from the physiotherapy clinic – so stay tuned.


I would like to sign off by bringing your attention once again to the real purpose of this project, to fundraise for PROSTATE CANCER UK. If you can spare a few quid please consider donating via my Just Giving page.  A heartfelt thank-you in advance.


Tony Deakin


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