Sports Massage

Massage therapies available at our clinic include traditional Swedish technique, deeper and more vigorous Sports massage and Myofascial mobilisation and release techniques used as part of the Balanced Body Progamme:

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage techniques incorporate softer, sweeping movements combined with kneading, wringing and lifting of the muscles. These methods can be very helpful when relaxation is the desired outcome.

Sports Massage

A more energetic technique to target specific muscle groups, with the aim of maximising extensibility and function. Sports Massage may include deep friction tissue mobilisation and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation, whereby specially designed and crafted tools are employed to engage and release adhesive fibres of muscle, tendon, ligament and scar tissue. Included within a Sports Massage might be techniques to assist circulation and fluid drainage. These techniques help to remove chemical toxins released during vigorous exercise that have been associated with muscle soreness and loss of function.

Structural Bodywork & Myofascial Release

A holistic and all-encompassing approach to working with the soft tissues of the body, and the fascia that surrounds and binds muscle and helps to give support and stability to the musculoskeletal system.  Treatment follows a thorough assessment of posture, form and movement of the body to identify any imbalances between aspects of the system that can lead to movement impairment, pathology and injury. Techniques comprise slow superficial (or occasionally deeper) gliding movements following distinct muscle/fascia lines of connectivity. Where impairments are detected a combination of deeper pressure and client movement is employed to bring about immediate relief of restriction and stiffness. A personalised selection of exercises will be recommended to maintain improvements gained from treatment.

The Structural Bodywork Programme is an innovative top-to-toe regime completed over a series of hour long sessions, which provides relief of stiffness, chronic pain and muscle tension, enhancing flexibility and function.